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Why Blackberry failed – and what you can learn from it

There was a time when the Blackberry was a status symbol. If you were anyone in the C-suite, you had a ‘berry. So, what happened? Why did the once adored company fall from grace?

Three reasons.

1) The buyer was favored over the end user. Blackberry cared about the CIO. They pushed their privacy features. They convinced IT that it was best for everyone in the company if they used a Blackberry. They made IT’s job easier, and that’s a good thing. However, they ignored the end user. The end user used it because IT said so, not because it was very user friendly or because they loved it.

2) Technology was no longer relegated to the “office.” The lines between work and home started to blur. You could use more devices from home which allowed you to access the same information as at work. Users were no longer chained to the Blackberry, and eventually IT had to come around.

3) Complacency. At one point, Blackberry had a legion of loyal CIOs. They had an inbuilt community and a user base. They got complacent. In today’s digital age, you constantly have to keep bringing value to the table. Doing nothing new for your community is the same as doing nothing for them.

At the end of the day, Blackberry didn’t adapt to the changing times and trends. Lucky for us, we can learn from their mistakes.