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The Daily Q Show – Momentum: How to Gain it in Digital Marketing

Jennifer Quinn invited me on her program The Daily Q Show, the show where she interviews people who’ve demonstrated excellence in their field. She asks the questions you didn’t even know you wanted an answer to. This 45 minute show covers the topic of the day with depth, sprinkled with humor and entertainment.

In the interview I give you a sneak peak into my upcoming book Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing & Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age. You can pre-order the book now! I give you an exclusive look at the five key principles I cover in the book, discuss live video today, give a prediction about the future of secondary education, and more. Stay tuned toward the end to meet my two furry coworkers, Snoopy and Teddy!

To see Jenny’s Full write up, and to show her some love, visit her site.

Enjoy the interview and let me know your thoughts!