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Shama Tv: 3-D Printing – Hot on the Horizon

3-D printing is all the rage right now – and why not? It is the closest thing to a genie granting wishes. It focuses on creating something from seemingly nothing! It’s changing the way we think about getting tools, phone cases, car parts, medical devices and even food! While It’s currently a hot topic with everyone now, did you know that the ability to print real things out has been around since the 80s?

Sure. you can use 3D printers to print out fun things like their latest Minecraft creation or that wrench that seemed to escape from your toolbox – the idea of “rapid prototyping” was originally conceived to do just that with the help of a 3D Systems Stereo-lithography.

The idea was to take your NEW product ideas and turn them into production-quality prototypes – getting your idea into peoples hands. This confirms it – along with the Ninja Turtles, Charm Bracelets, The Cosby Show, Cabbage Patch Kids and now 3D printing – all cool things come from the 80’s.

Now that 3D printing is slowly becoming more accessible, the question is where is such an exciting new technology taking us? While it was used in the past for prototyping new ideas for sale – the widespread use of 3D printing means that new ideas are now a download away! Inventions, art or toys can be downloaded and printed within a matter of minutes! Aside from the cost of materials, new things can arrive at your house for a fraction of the price! But more than toys and gadgets, the technology allows for so much more.

Take companies like Organovo and Bespoke Innovations – the leaders in medical 3D printing who are changing the world with such innovations as a form of exoskeleton for 4 year old Emma – giving her the use of her arms! Not only that, but since her WREX device is 3D printed – they can constantly refine and improve the technology whenever they want without waiting for the UPS guy to deliver the parts they need. Who needs delivery? – 3D printers can get you that life-saving device NOW!

And, how about a house on the go? The KamerMarker, roughly translated to the room maker, is the world’s first 3D-printer pavilion. That’s right – mobile meets 3D printing in Amsterdam.
The KamerMaker can print rooms, houses, buildings, and even entire structures. The facility is planning on traveling around the world in an 18 foot container, so don’t be surprised if you see a sign that says “please drive slowly, a house is in progress.”

While 3-D printing still remains an enterprise level resource, the day when you can “print” your own objects isn’t far away. So, it’s no wonder 3D printers are Hot on the Horizon!

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