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Shama.Tv: The Top 5 Must Have Business Apps

What are the top five mobile apps for businesses? And how can you win one of them? In this episode of Shama.TV, I take a look at apps which are bound to make your life more productive. Apps featured in this video: Expensify, Tripit, Echosign, GroupMe, and 15Five.

First, there’s Expensivy. One of the hardest things to keep track of are expenses – especially when you are on the go! Car miles, trips, dinners – it can be hard to keep up with it all. Well, Expensivy, a mobile app for tracking and organizing purchases, makes it a lot easier. It lets you import expenses right from your own credit card or bank account .

Next on my list of awesomely helpful apps for the business pro on the go is TripIt. The app serves as a personal travel assistant.  As you probably know, I travel a lot! Sometimes I need to re-introduce myself to my dog. Just kidding of course, but — I do travel a ton. And that means: I have a bunch of itineraries to keep up with. The TripIt app remembers all my reservations for me, tells me where my hotel is when I’ve arrived, and it even reminds me of the time zone I am in.

The third tool on my list is EchoSign – a digital document signing service. As a wise man once said, when it comes to business – shake hands …and then get it in writing. The only trouble with getting documents signed is that it takes so long to email, print, sign, and fax. This service makes it much more simpler to get agreements sealed, signed, and delivered …digitally speaking of course!

Number four: GroupMe. Think of GroupMe as Skype’s little mobile cousin. The app lets you send text messages to multiple people and instantly create a private chat room on the go. It can be very handy when you want to let all your employees know what a kick butt job they did at the last meeting, or to communicate quick messages with your team while you are exhibiting at the next conference.

Number five is very aptly named When you are in charge of a team, the ideal situation would be one one one time with each member. However, as teams get bigger and span the globe, this gets harder to do. Enter It asks each team member to take fifteen minutes to give you a weekly summary, and it takes you five minutes to read and respond! 15-5…get it? Preset questions include: what were your big wins this week? what are your challenges? and, most importantly, how can I help? A great tool for any leader.

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