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How to Amplify Your Reach with Snapchat Takeovers

Snapchat has proven itself to be wildly popular with both business and personal accounts. Taking over a Snapchat account is a great way to collaborate with another business while sharing a variety of knowledge and perspectives.   Full Transcript Hey, guys. This is Shama. I hope you’re all having a great Friday. I just got back from speaking at the Digital Sales Association meeting yesterday. I did their keynote. We talked about social media marketing. It was such a great…

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Holiday Favorites: Best Tech & Biz Gifts for 2016

I give you a roundup of my favorite tech and business gift ideas for the 2016 holiday season. Full Transcript Hey everyone, this is Shama. Every year, we do our annual tech and business gift guide, so this is this year’s. A couple of years ago, some of you started asking me, what are great tech and business gifts to give to clients, family members, so forth, so every year, I guess, I’ve been doing my Shama’s favorites list. This is…

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Four Marketing Secrets for a Strong Fourth Quarter

As the end of the year approaches, it’s very important to have a strong marketing plan in place.   Full Transcript Hey you guys. Shama here. The only Facebook Live show on marketing that we know of. I know it’s Friday afternoon. I’ll try to keep this short. I am in Dallas, in my office, which is super rare. You guys usually catch me at coffee shops, conferences, and so forth. It’s nice to be at home just for a…

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Instagram Stories and the Future of Twitter

Instagram stories aim to take back the market share of users from Snapchat, who have been dominating the instant-sharing game lately. Hear my thoughts on Instagram stories, as well as the future of Twitter. Does Twitter need a management shakeup?   Full Transcript Hey guys, Shama here. Coming ot you live on Facebook, probably the only show on marketing on Facebook live. I try and bring this to you every Friday, regardless of where I am in the world. Today…

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How Your Startup Should Make its Mark in Business

Shama gives her tips for how startups can get the momentum-ball rolling and make their mark in business.   Click Here For Full Transcript Hey, guys, Shama here. I hope you’re having a great Friday. It has been a long week, and I’m in Dallas, actually, which is nice, nice to be home for a little bit. I thought today’s episode, and this is really cool, I realized that we’re one of the only Facebook Live shows on business, and…

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How to Boost Your Marketing Reach with Facebook Live

Shama sits down with Matthew Cowling, VP of Video Production at Marketing Zen to discuss Facebook Live. This long form discussion covers many ways that Facebook Live will boost your reach online.   Click Here For Full Transcript Shama: Happy Friday. I’ve got some hot tea and a guest, the hot tea because, as some of you guys know, I haven’t been feeling well. I have a second case of strep throat in a couple of weeks that I’ve been…

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How to Improve Your Marketing Strategies with Cross Pollination

Shama shares her secrets to expanding your perception of marketing to include cross pollination.   Click Here For Full Transcript Hey, everyone. It’s Shama here again, talking about momentum and its place in marketing in today’s world and how quickly things are changing. Think about how many tools and platforms and everything that’s out there. I’m sure it’s just as crazy for you as it is for me in terms of trying to figure out what all of these means….

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How to Master Micro Moments and Time Pressures

Buying habits of consumers are affected by a wide variety of factors, the obvious being price, availability, and quality. However, there are secret factors that go into making a purchase that you may not have even considered. Today, I give you a quick introduction into micro-moments & time pressures and how they affect consumer purchasing decisions.   Click here for the full transcript! Full Transcript Hey guys, Shama here with a quick 90-second marketing tip for you. This comes from Dan Ariely’s work…

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How to Market to a Massive Audience

Marketing effectively to your audience can be a daunting task with parameters such as demographic, size, and individual customer preferences to consider. Shama responds to a viewer who needs some tips on how he can market his company to his massive audience of 600 million people.   Click here for the full transcript! Full Transcript Hey, guys, Shama here. As you know, I get hundreds of questions every month from you guys from all over the world on marketing and…

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Forecasting & How to Predict the Future

Future forecasts are vital to staying current in the digital marketing world, and even staying ahead of the game completely. I sat down with Rohit Bhargava, author of “Non Obvious” to discuss his unique approach to future forecasting.   Click here for the full transcript! Full Transcript Shama: Hey guys. Shama here. We’re with Rohit Bhargava today, author of the lastest, “Non Obvious.” We catch up with Rohit as he’s during Dallas to deal with keynote. Rohit, thanks so much…

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