Holiday Favorites: Best Tech & Biz Gifts for 2016

I give you a roundup of my favorite tech and business gift ideas for the 2016 holiday season.

Hey everyone, this is Shama. Every year, we do our annual tech and business gift guide, so this is this year’s. A couple of years ago, some of you started asking me, what are great tech and business gifts to give to clients, family members, so forth, so every year, I guess, I’ve been doing my Shama’s favorites list. This is what’s on the list this year. By the way, links and everything will be below, so it should be easy to find. Not going to get into too many of the details. The links will be there so you guys can check it out; just going to give you the overview of some of the stuff that I absolutely love, right before holiday time, right before Christmas season and holiday season for those of you who like to be really politically correct.

This is one of my favorite things. This is the P.MAI bag. One of the hardest about carrying a laptop into board rooms and meetings is finding something relatively stylish to go along with it, and this thing absolutely rocks. It’s leather. I got the one in cognac, and there’s also one in black. I’ll give you guys a quick peek at this. I love it. It’s got a really nice interior. It’s got a slot for a water bottle, as well. It comes with this really nice wristlet. Love the color, love the style. Great, I guess, low tech gift, but to carry all your tech stuff. I absolutely love it. I love how it actually stays when you put it down like that. Everything about this bag, it’s my season’s favorite bag for my laptop.

The second thing that I have on my list is called Mevo. It is a live event camera. All you really need is your iPhone and you can set it up to take multiple shots of one area and live stream it. You can also edit things on your iPhone, so great little gift for your favorite live streamer. Great for anyone who’s just starting up with video, but even if you have a company or a client who’s doing more videos, really anybody who now uses Facebook, especially with Facebook Live. I really love this thing. It’s also really light, so you could throw one of these into your bag and be good to go. I really love it. It actually reminds me of a little mini robot, too, in some ways. I just think it’s adorable.

The next two things that I have on here are from the same company called Nixplay. I love these guys. Full disclosure, they’re a client. I own a lot of their products, and a lot of our team owns a lot of their products. This is their Nixplay Seed, which is really neat. I love giving this, by the way, to my family, parents, things like that, because you can upload pictures to the app and it’ll automatically change the pictures on the frame. The frames also look really classy. They’re not the dinky 90s frames that people are used to when we think digital frames. No, these are WiFi based cloud frames. Absolutely love them; they come in different sizes and they just make it so much more fun than looking at pictures on Snapchat or whatever. This, to me, is a really nice way to bring that into your house. I love this.

Then here’s another one. Same company. Great color, too, by the way. This is a burnished bronze. This one actually detects, through light and such, when you walk into a room, which I think is really cool. It’s got an activity sensor, it’s got a light sensor, and has a hi-res display. Both favorite things. Again, I think sort of the theme this year has been a little more low tech high tech, which is really easy to use technology, which I am a huge fan of.

The other thing that I don’t have on here, but you should totally check out, especially give our recent super moon, is the Astroscan Millennium Telescope. It’s in this great red color. Super fun vintage gift for science or tech geeks, or really anyone who enjoys being able to look out into the other world, if you will. I’m a big fan; check that out. Again, great color, just think it’s a fun gift.

These are all going to make great gifts, I’m sure, for the holiday season. That’s my list. If you have other things that you like, that you’re really excited about, leave a link in the comments and I’ll check it out. Thanks, guys.


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