Facebook’s Next Game Changer – Live Video

Facebook recently released the ability to stream live video directly from your smartphone to the world. What was once an extremely costly process is now a free feature available to over a billion people who use Facebook. Shama explains why this is a massively big deal and what it means for you.


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Hey, Zen Nation. Shama here and today we’re talking about Facebook’s biggest game changer yet: live video and what it means for you.

Facebook has rolled out their latest feature for everyone now universally who has a Facebook account. That feature is live video. That’s right. You can live stream now to your friends, to your family, to your community at large. I’ve actually had this feature turned on for a couple of months now. Facebook rolled it out for verified users. Through my profile on my page on Facebook, I’ve been able to play with the live video features the last few months.

I have to tell you, it’s pretty amazing for a couple of reasons. One: video. I’m a big proponent, you know that, and it’s because it works. People tune in, they watch, they love the interactive features. Online video is definitely on the way up and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. I’m a big fan of online video and Facebook just takes it to a whole another level.

The second thing is live streaming allows you to have more engagement with your audience to really build that sense of community for your brand. The great thing is because Facebook is trying to push live videos and promote their new feature. Doing live videos right now will get you more play in news feed than maybe just a post or maybe an image.

Facebook algorithm now is clearly giving a little more preference to live videos even going as far as notifying your friends when you are live. Let me show you exactly how you can create your own Facebook live videos.

Right now, I’m logged in through my smartphone. Here’s my profile. Here you can see this little red icon, the man icon with looks like two broadcast symbols around it, so like two big halos. Click that and live video option pops down. Let’s see. I click that and it gives you an option to describe your live video and then you simply go live. Once you go live, you’ll start seeing how many viewers you have, people turning in, and you’ll get to see their comments live so you can interact with them.

Really cool feature, great way to build your community, create more engagement. I really think live streaming is going to be huge in the coming years and it’s super accessible. What do you need to even live stream this technically? You need your smartphone, a Facebook account obviously.

You can do this through your page or your profile depending on how you’re building your brand. I tend to do them mostly on my page but also on my profile because a lot of you followed me on my profile and a lot of you like the page. We’ve got a mixed bag.

Then, because audio is not always the best on smartphones, actually use a different microphone to do this. This mic is called a Rode VideoMic Me. I can’t share link with you guys. It’s great. It plugs right in and it can go either way: selfie mode or the other way. This gives you great audio and then you’re live streaming directly from your smartphone. Great way to create fun content, engage guess with your audience, and just to continue to build your brand. That’s how you use Facebook video live.

Now, here’s why this is an amazingly awesomely big deal. Not only are you able to now connect with your audience and engage in an interactive way as possible until we hit augmented reality at least.

These sorts of things used to cost thousands and thousands of dollars to live stream and to be able to connect with people like this. This is a big deal technology delivered in a really seamless way. Imagine being able to live stream the next keynote you’re attending or live stream your next company event for the people that can’t make it.

In fact, for example, we have a virtual team here and while our team member is expecting and we’re actually throwing her a virtual baby shower. It’s amazing how many types of doors this really opens for you.

This technology is fantastic. Even though it looks handy and simple, don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s simplistic. It’s anything but. I hope you guys will create lots of your own Facebook live videos and tune into mine.

On Facebook, you can find me. I have a page, Facebook.com/ShamaHyderPage. Also be sure to subscribe to my newsletter at ShamaHyder.com where we really keep you updated with all this amazing content that my team and I are creating right now. I hope that you’ll sign up. I hope you tune in. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

In summary, Facebook live is a huge game changer. It’s open to everyone. It’s easy. It’s accessible. It’s simple but not simplistic. I hope that you use this to your advantage and are really able to use it to grow your brand and build your communities. Lot’s more tools and resources for you. Go to ShamaHyder.com. Drop me your name and email address. I’d love to keep in touch. Talk to you soon.


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