Four Marketing Secrets for a Strong Fourth Quarter

As the end of the year approaches, it’s very important to have a strong marketing plan in place.


Hey you guys. Shama here. The only Facebook Live show on marketing that we know of. I know it’s Friday afternoon. I’ll try to keep this short. I am in Dallas, in my office, which is super rare. You guys usually catch me at coffee shops, conferences, and so forth. It’s nice to be at home just for a little bit for a reprieve. Then, of course, I start trekking around, starting next week. I’ll be speaking at the Pennsylvania Women’s Conference. I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up. I’ll keep you guys updated.

Today I wanted to talk to you briefly about Q4 Marketing. I know, exciting, but I’ve been talking to a lot of you actually on the phone today. I talked to a few clients as well, talking about how can you make Q4 really strong for you, for your company, for your department, whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, and then make sure that 2017- I know, like 2017 … starts off on a good note.

Let’s talk about 2016 and how you can end this year on a great note for your marketing. We work with a lot of B2C clients, Business to Consumer, and of course if you’re in any sort of retail, then you know that Q4 tends to be your biggest season, and sometimes the reason for your company, which is Christmas season, holidays, so forth.

I figured I would talk to you about some of the things I’ve been telling our clients about, Curate Marketing and Zen, in terms of what you can do for Q4. This is especially important if you haven’t been great at marketing this year, so you know, “Mea Culpa,” and then you can pick it up for 2017, but let’s say for 2016 that you haven’t been doing much and that you are just really serious about this last quarter and making sure that you are doing your big push for retail season. Here’s what I’ll say: your best friend in 2016, as we wrap up, is going to be leverage. Leverage, leverage, leverage, money, relationships, resources, because if you haven’t been doing a lot of marketing, and you haven’t built that up, that means you don’t have a lot of collateral to really pull from, so you’re going to have to learn how to leverage the other things you have.

Leveraging money, which what I mean by that is Facebook advertising, absolutely huge. Pay-per-click obviously is big with Google, but unless you have an established website, you’ve got a decent budget, lots of factors go into that, not that it can’t be successful but this is kind of, “How can you get something rolling very quickly?” Facebook advertising is going to be great. It’s still so cost-effective if done right. It just needs to be super-targeted. I’m a big proponent of Facebook advertising, especially if you know your buyer, you know your audience.

By the way, if you guys have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I promise I’ll answer them later. I just want to make sure I get this information, I share it with you guys, but I promise I’ll check questions later.

The other thing is Influencer Marketing. This is something we’ve had such amazing success with for our clients here. It’s all about working with influencers to leverage their influence to get your products and services out there. We’ve just had such remarkable success, especially this year. This year has been the year of Influencer Marketing. If you know your audience, and you know that you don’t have a very big audience, see which influencer you might be able to work with to offer tips, run some sort of deal or campaign with so you can leverage that. That’s a really big one.

Then, of course, PR. PR is going to be your best friend, helps to build those relationships all along, but nothing says that you can’t do a quick three-month campaign, or something leading up to Christmas season again, especially if you’re in retail; very, very, important. It helps a lot.

Then, content. This is the other thing. If you have been doing your homework, and you’ve created lots of great content, this is your time to re-purpose that. In fact, one of the principles I talk about in Momentum is all about content curation. Content curation is not just, “How do you keep creating new content,” but, “How do you re-package what you’ve done?”

In 2016, what were your top blog posts? Great. Do a post highlighting your most popular posts. This is a great time to recap, restructure, and re-purpose your content, which I think is Principle 3. Check out Momentum if you haven’t already. It’s in bookstores. Oh, and, 4th edition of Zen, also out now in bookstores. I can’t believe the first edition was in 2010. It feels like an entire era has gone by. Thank you so much for those of you who have been readers, who sent me your comments, left Amazon reviews, and all that good stuff. I super appreciate it. The team here at Marketing Zen appreciates it.

I hope you guys have a great Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, or wherever you might be watching this. You guys know we have a global audience. Leave your questions in the comments and I promise I will check them out and do my best to answer them. Turn on Live notifications if you like this and you want to keep catching more future episodes. I’m actually literally reading. My producer, Matthew, has created this very nice paper for me, that you can’t see. On the mobile, if you turn in the upper right corner of the video, you can turn on Live notifications. If you’re watching this on the desktop, click “drop down” on the upper right of the post, and you can hit the little “subscribe” button and that way Facebook will let you know the next time we’re Live, and hopefully this will help your marketing, your business, and all that other good stuff. Have a great weekend guys.


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Tip #1: “Leverage everything you have.”
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Tip #3: “Highlight your business through strong public relations”
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