Instagram Stories and the Future of Twitter

Instagram stories aim to take back the market share of users from Snapchat, who have been dominating the instant-sharing game lately. Hear my thoughts on Instagram stories, as well as the future of Twitter. Does Twitter need a management shakeup?


Hey guys, Shama here. Coming ot you live on Facebook, probably the only show on marketing on Facebook live. I try and bring this to you every Friday, regardless of where I am in the world. Today I wanted to talk about Instagram Stories and the future of Twitter. Here’s the thing about Instagram Stories and what I’m really excited about.

I have to tell you, I can’t believe Instagram took so long to do this because it’s such a great competitive move against Snapchat. If you use Snapchat you know that it’s all about the stories and things disappear very quickly. But a lot of the Snapchat users are keeping Instagram. So with Instagram doing this, introducing the stories version and great UX – great user experience. Whereas Snapchat is more intuitive for Gen Z – it feels very natural for a lot of people, it’s felt very annoying for others like Gen Y, Gen X, baby-boomers. I’ve heard it pretty much from anyone over the age of 30 that Snapchat isn’t user intuitive. Instagram doing this is a very smart move, so brands and businesses should really think about how you can use Instagram Stories now to tell your brand story and you won’t have to be on Snapchat to be able to do that. I thin kit will be very interesting to watch what happens because Instagram has double the users Snapchat has and definitely an older user base as well. I’m so glad Instagram did this. A little late to the party, but none-the-less I’m glad and it’s cool functionality. If you want to check out my Instagram, it’s shamahyder. You can find me on Instagram and follow. I’ll leave a link in the comments.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is Twitter. I was talking to a reporter earlier this week for USA Today, we were talking about Twitter and I was thinking about how far Twitter could have come and hasn’t yet. What I predict is in the next 12 months an acquisition where a big player – like a Verizon or ATT or that type of player – comes in and buys Twitter, and I hope they do because Twitter needs better leadership. I’m not saying that the current leadership is necessarily bad, but they need fresh leadership, fresh perspectives. I think infusing that in Twitter is going to make such a difference. I’m also really bullish on Twitter, I love the platform. I will tell you that I don’t think it’s going away any time soon – it’s still the only place to get real time information. So if I want to know what’s going on in the political season – stories still break on Twitter faster than on the API. It’s been that way for a long time.

It’s still real time news. I’m really passionate about Twitter, I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. I do hope they bring in good leadership and really infuse it with new ideas because Twitter has a long way to go. So don’t discount it just yet, check out Instagram Stories, leave me your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. Have a great Friday guys.


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