How to Market to a Massive Audience

Marketing effectively to your audience can be a daunting task with parameters such as demographic, size, and individual customer preferences to consider. Shama responds to a viewer who needs some tips on how he can market his company to his massive audience of 600 million people.


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Hey, guys, Shama here. As you know, I get hundreds of questions every month from you guys from all over the world on marketing and business. I thought I would pick one today and share with all of you. Hopefully, we can all learn from this business challenge. This question comes from Ryan. Ryan says that he is a 24-year-old who has an idea, a plan and a vision to help those deal and recover from OCD and severe anxiety. Ryan has got a great idea of his market. This company will allow him to reach 600 million people. He is thinking about a book, a medical app, storage, all sorts of different products to help people on the road to recovery. He is asking for marketing tips and how to really make this a stellar company. Ryan, here are my ideas for you. It really applies to anybody looking to launch something new, and when you got a really big target market in mind. Six hundred million people, that would be a big target market. Here are you tips for you, Ryan.

First of all, choose one thing that you can really knock out of the park that helps you cater to this audience. By that I mean whether it’s the app, whether it’s the book, have one cornerstone product, if you will, that you can really build something amazing around, build a community around, build almost an evangelical following around. Rather than scattering your energies and creating too many products, too many things that you want to help this community, it’s better to focus on one thing, do a really good job at it and then eventually expand into other offerings, if you will. The other thing you may also want to think about doing is narrowing your target audience even further. Right now you’re thinking OCD and anxiety disorders, and 600 million people, that is a very big target market. You might want to start with people, for example, who just suffer with OCD for starters and have a product or community dedicated to them. Then you can expand into other things that you might be able to help people with. That’s another idea.

The other thing that I would certainly recommend is a big thing for a company just starting out for any startup, really important to have customer testimonials. When you’ve got that cornerstone product, or service or touchpoint that you’re going to use to build and serve this community with, make sure that you get testimonials. Make sure that you get honest feedback on what your customers really think about your product and services because nothing is going to help drive more sales like amplifying your current and past customers. Ryan, I hope that’s helpful and for those of you who are also engaging in the startup world. I hope those tips are helpful. If you guys have more questions, you know where to find me. Just in case, you can tweet me @Shama. You can find me on Facebook, and you can go to and submit your questions that way. Talk to you soon.


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