Momentum: Grow Your Business and Brand

Momentum is vital to any business who wants to see growth in today’s landscape. Find what gets you up in the morning, learn how to keep the ball rolling, and say yes to every opportunity.

I show you how to find your momentum and never give up!


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There’s nothing in the world that would have stopped me coming out here tonight and meeting these awesome people. You know what I love? I love people who are committed to their own success. To come out here and learn about marketing and business, it shows commitment. When you have that kind of commitment, that kind of drive, you can pretty much achieve anything you what.

It’s so great to be in Dallas and be able to speak here. I travel all over the world. I’ve spoken at colosseums and museums and it’s really exciting. There’s something wonderful when you’re surrounded by a small group of people and you have more face-to-face interaction. I love that! I love meeting people and taking selfies with them, and really just connecting. It’s so nice to have that face to face connection.

In business it’s just as much about creative opportunities as it is responding to opportunities. When opportunities come your way, if you are in business, if you’re trying to get something done, you have to hustle, you’ve got to say yes.

You keep up momentum by staying hungry! That’s really what drives momentum. It’s this concept or idea of always wanting to do better and always reaching for better than you think you can do.

You have to find what inspires you, what makes you get up in the morning. It’s going to be different for everyone and that’s totally okay. For me, when I wake up in the morning it’s this idea of connecting with you guys. It’s really having the sense that I’m able to share some information that I hope will be valuable for  you. Stuff I love: business, marketing, ROI. These are hot, cool words for me. I love that I’m able to live my passion and share that with you guys.

Aspire for more; that’s how you keep momentum.

I’m really curious, how do you get momentum? What keeps you going? How do you keep traction? Share your ideas, share your thoughts. I’m want to hear how you get momentum.

Find your momentum and don’t give up!



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