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    Shama Hyder has started her own successful business, trail blazed an industry, given keynotes around the world and written a couple books while she was at it.

    But it’s her nose for innovation that makes her the person every major CMO wants to talk to. Shama can guide your digital marketing strategy through uncharted waters, but even better, she can teach you to do it yourself.

    Book her today to see her in action.

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    Canceled Live Event? Here’s What to Do Instead

    For a lot of brands, live industry events, such as trade shows, conferences, and networking gatherings, are the lifeblood of their businesses. This is where they pick up leads, close deals, and form partnerships.

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    What Brands Need to Know About the Dark Web

    The dark web. It’s a “hidden version” of the web you already know and use, which requires its own browser (and typically a VPN) to access.

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    Digital Selling: Close Before You Convince

    If you’re an entrepreneur facing uncertainty in these crucial times, you’re not alone.

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    Frankie Quiroz on Building Brands Using Underserved Niches: A Case Study

    As the saying goes, for online businesses the riches are in the niches. Why? Well, currently, there are an estimated 12-24 million ecommerce stores globally—and that translates to an incredibly competitive field for online retailers.

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    12 Strategies For Brick and Mortar Stores Pivoting to Virtual Service

    Brick and mortar stores face an extraordinary challenge. Ecommerce and digitally savvy brands have to pivot their message and strategy, but brick and mortar stores have to offer virtual solutions almost overnight.

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    10 Tips on How to Stay Productive From Home

    While remote work has been trending for quite some time now, COVID-19 has accelerated its demand and people everywhere are having to adapt, if only temporarily, to a new working environment.

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    Here Are 6 Ways to Be a Stellar Speaker on Video

    Just as COVID-19 has thousands of people suddenly learning what it’s like to work remotely, speakers who are used to making the rounds of conferences.

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    10 Foolproof Ways to Reach Your B2B Audience

    Today more than ever, an extensive portion of the B2B buyer journey takes place before prospects engage with sales teams.

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    Competing Against Amazon? Here are 5 Things Every eCommerce Company Should Know

    For today’s eCommerce sites, you need a plan to compete with Amazon.

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    So Your Conference Has Been Canceled. Here's How to Generate Leads Instead.

    Within a matter of just a few months, the novel coronavirus has become a global pandemic.

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