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Shama Hyder has started her own successful business, trail blazed an industry, given keynotes around the world and written a couple books while she was at it.

But it’s her nose for innovation that makes her the person every major CMO wants to talk to. Shama can guide your digital marketing strategy through uncharted waters, but even better, she can teach you to do it yourself.

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How To Launch A New Product Or Service: What The Latest Research Teaches Us About Successful Launches

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Top 3 Strategies For Elevating Your Content Marketing in 2020

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Here's What You Missed During Advertising Week in NYC

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How to Engage Employees... Using AI

Most companies value their employees, so why does it seem like employee engagement often takes a backseat?

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Why Your Life Coach Is Getting It All Backward: 3 Hacks for Living Your Best Life

My perennial advice for entrepreneurs? Always stay curious, never stop learning, and settle for nothing less than ongoing personal and professional transformation.

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3 Essential Habits All Trendsetters Share

Brands today have to compete more fiercely than ever for consumers’ attention.

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