Here's What to Get Everyone In Your Worklife for the Holidays

3 days ago · 5 min read

Giving gifts that are meaningful to the individual receiving them is one of the most effective way to enhance the workplace during the holidays.

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How To Market Your Product Successfully At CES 2020

Whether you’re launching a new product at CES, seeking round two funding, or growing awareness of your brand’s offerings, a solid media and digital PR strategy are key.

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Why This Billionaire Latina Entrepreneur Equates Entrepreneurship with Hope

Despite the obstacles that still exist, women have more access to business and entrepreneurial resources today than they ever have before in history.

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What I Wish I’d Known When Scaling My Business

It’s been ten years since I started Zen Media, and I often find myself wishing I knew then what I know now!

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How To Get PR At CES 2020, Starting Now

Now that it’s November, you should be doing one of two things to prepare for CES: either ramping up your planning efforts into turbo mode and preparing to scramble, or actively mobilizing to partner with an experienced marketing and PR agency to help you make up for lost time.

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