Marketing in today’s digital age has become overwhelmingly complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Success lies in stepping above of the clutter and understanding the new principles of digital marketing.

To this complicated and fast-moving world, bestselling author, renowned marketer, and award-winning entrepreneur Shama Hyder brings her uniquely Zen approach, separating out the critical from the trivial and the foundational rules from the ephemeral gimmicks. Offering five essential principles that crack the code on marketing successfully in today’s ecosystem, Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age will help you not only regain your sanity, but learn how to spot opportunities to grow your organization and brand in the midst of marketplace chaos.

In Momentum, Shama draws on her experience guiding clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100s to demystify the marketing landscape and provide you with the digital foresight you need to operate effectively in an increasingly digital world. Using key principles, she demonstrates how to transform your current approach into an effective, struggle-free, ROI-driven strategy.

Before you invest in another marketing strategy, take a step back. Don’t waste enormous amounts of time, energy, and money on the wrong strategies and approach for your customers, industry, and market. Whether you’re a young business or an established company, let Momentum teach you how to thrive.


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Why Momentum?

Praise for the book

“Without Momentum building a business is one big uphill climb—with it, it’s one sweet ride!”

—John Jantsch
Author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine

“Today’s marketers and business leaders need to learn how to get in sync with their customers and anticipate their constantly shifting needs. That’s a challenging task, but reading Momentum will speed you through the learning curve.”

—Tom Davis
CMO of Forbes Media

“In the fast-moving world of digital strategy, Shama Hyder stands out as a true expert. In Momentum, she shares smart, actionable, hype-free strategies to help your brand break through. If you want to harness the true power of marketing in the digital age for your business, read this book.”

—Dorie Clark
Author of Stand Out and Reinventing You, and adjunct professor, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

“Want to build a likeable brand that attracts customers and stands out? If so, you need Momentum. Actionable and easy to digest, this book helps you unlock the code for marketing success in the Digital Age.”

—Dave Kerpen
CEO of Likeable Media, and author of The Art of People and Likeable Social Media

“Timely and on target, Momentum shows you precisely how to use today’s modern marketing to outflank your competition. Great examples throughout and highly recommended!”

—Jay Baer
President of Convince & Convert and author of Hug Your Haters and Youtility

“Momentum offers a blueprint for transformation that can help any marketer flourish in the digital world. This is the best marketing book I’ve read in years.”

—Charles Marsh
Oscar Stauffer Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications

“Digital, mobile, these aren’t things, they’re lifestyles. Businesses now compete in an era of digital Darwinism. We know how evolution works. You thrive or you don’t. Shama will help you understand not only what’s different, but what to do about it, and how to get better results.”

—Brian Solis
Brian Solis, leading digital analyst, futurist, author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

“Momentum provides important insights concerning the seismic shift that has permanently transformed marketing and branding. Shama understands the complexities of consumer behavior in our new, social media-driven, global economy, and offers concrete principles that will drive success for any business or organization. With Momentum, any business leader can learn to artfully transition a traditional marketing strategy into an agile, integrated and customer-focused operation that draws in and engages consumers.”

—Gloria Larson
President at Bentley University

“In a market where disruption is the norm, even the smartest leaders are unsure how to adjust their marketing plan to meet tomorrow’s demands. Momentum shows you how to create a sustainable plan that allows you to attract more customers and profits, no matter what may come your way.”

—Charlene Li
Author of The Engaged Leader and Open Leadership, coauthor of Groundswell, and principal analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet Company

Overview of The 5 Principles


sooceoread amazon barnes&noble iniebound buybulk