Here’s What to
Get Everyone In
Your Worklife
for the Holidays

Here’s What to Get Everyone In Your Worklife for the Holidays

5 years ago · 5 min read

Every year, I curate my annual gift-giving guide for the professional world. The goal is to help you answer the question: “What do I get my colleague — or boss, mentor, assistant, client — for the holidays?”

When I first started creating my gift-giving guide, the main idea was to put gifts on professionals’ radar that had the potential to enhance the workplace. That meant that tech-related gifts dominated my list. I’m still all about enhancing the workplace, but I now think that simply giving gifts that are meaningful to the individual receiving them — tech-related or not — is one of the most effective ways to go about this. During the holiday season, there are few things that can make a colleague or client feel more valued than a thoughtful gift.

Last year, I focused specifically on gifts for the girl boss, but many of you have asked me to suggest gifts for those who fall outside this category. For this reason, I’ve expanded my gift-giving guide to include something for everyone in your worklife.

For the Wellness Junkie: 

  • For colleagues who believe their body is a temple, here are a few gifts to celebrate and support their quest for better nutrition: The Tespo Vitamin Dispenser, which delivers serious hydration and vitamin boost in one. Take the serenade to superior nutrition one step further with Goli Vitamins, which turn those dreadful apple cider vinegar shots into tasty gummies. And, for the outdoor fitness enthusiast on your list, consider Takeya bottles, which keep liquids hot or cold for up to 12 hours, or CrazyCap water bottles, which purify water on the go.
  • For the colleague who loves to sleep in, give the gift of Discover Night. From the brand’s signature black silk pillow to silk sheet masks and scrunchies (…also silk), these sleep products promise better, deeper rest and some cosmetic benefits to boot. If latex pillows are more your jam, be sure to check out the Purple Harmony Pillow, which ensures optimal neck support throughout the night. Trying to help a new mama on maternity leave to get more restorative shut-eye? The Rockermama, a portable rocker, helps both mom and baby fall peacefully to sleep.

For the Do-Gooder:

  • When you believe shopping should also give back, check out Olivela, where 20% of all proceeds go to great causes. My personal favorite? A Fornasetti candle which pays for six days of school.
  • For the animal lovers in your office, Best Friends has products and gift certificates that support their mission of making every state in America No-Kill by 2025. Anti-fur? Consider, the Marshmallow by UnHide, which is furthering the anti-fur movement with their 100% faux chinchilla polyester blankets.
  • Know a colleague who’s been touched by cancer? 50% of all profits from Love Your Melon goes to curing this terrible disease. Protecting the environment high on their list? Consider a set of pillows from Yard Bird, which are made from plastics that have been extracted from the world’s oceans.
  • Love the concept of buy one, give one? Check out Diff Eyewear. For every pair you buy, the brand gives a pair to someone in need.

For the Foodie:

For the Fashionista:

  • Road warrior and beauty maven? Check out the must-haves set by Alleyoop. A razor, make-up pen, and multi-tasker, all-in-one. (And yes, TSA approved! And to keep the beauty and grooming goodies coming on the regular, nothing beats Birchbox.

For the Hobbyist:

  • When they love to paint or enjoy anything which requires traveling with their art supplies, consider the unique Osuza bag. This carry-all is designed especially with creatives in mind and opens flat to make it easy to access all the tools of their trade. (Your creative director will thank you!)

How’s that for covering your holiday bases? Here’s to you being the best gift-giver in the office this season!